Breaking Down Silos in Healthcare

Connect and collaborate with your healthcare colleagues quickly and securely from anywhere


About Us

Why we exist 

ollo health envisions a world where medical care extends beyond the walls of a clinic, where fragmented community services are collaboratively brought together, where transition from physical to virtual care takes nothing more than a thought. At Ollo, we recognize the need to integrate technology and team-based care and created a platform that fosters dissemination of medical decision making with the unified goal of improving health and wellness.  We are powering the health care delivery for tomorrow. 


What We Do

We are a virtual platform that enables collaboration between healthcare professionals by integrating into their current workflows. Our service it is incredibly simple, user friendly and seamlessly integrates into Healthcare professional workflow with minimal disruptions.

Secure video conferencing

Committed to helping America’s military veterans find work.

Secure voice and conference calling

Formal programs or foundation to give back to communities.

Simple to use

No need to download any apps or programs

Conference with multiple providers and the patient

Taking steps to prioritize employee well-being.

We’re a Community

ollo health is not just a platform, but rather a community; a community of health care professionals unified with a common goal of improved patient care through collaboration and shared expertise.  

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Our Users


Family Practitioners









Use Cases

Complex Care Patient With Many Medications

patient and pharmacist at the pharmacy can meet with physician in virtual room to discuss best treatment options for patient


Long term care facilities

resident and nurse at the facility can meet with physician and pharmacist in a virtual room to discuss resident’s treatment plan


Patient involved in motor vehicle accident

patient and rehab team (PT/OT) in person can collaborate with physician (GP, physiatrist, neurologist) in a virtual room to discuss treatment plan for patient


Portuguese speaking patient with non-Portuguese speaking doctor

An interpreter or family member can attend the meeting virtually to provide translational services